Democo’s strength in words and images

An all-in offering for the customer, that is the philosophy behind the Democo Group structure. This vision means more than simply engaging sister companies as subcontractors to carry out their specialisms in a project. The Democo Group represents synergy. The sister companies engage one another when this represents added value for the project and organisation. Our electrical and HVAC specialists at AEW and Vandenbriele collaborate with the contractor Democo in order to get the best out of a building team. Demtec Services also joins the team in a DBFM format. But, vice versa, the contractor Democo will also work on finding the best development approach for project developer DMI. Deholi can also call upon Democo’s expertise for complex, all-in renovations. The strength of the Democo Group lies within these cross-company collaborations. We prove this in project after project.

Take a look at these examples.