About the Democo Group

The Democo Group is a multidisciplinary construction partner. We focus on construction team collaborations in which we genuinely work alongside the contracting party and the design team. On the basis of our future-focused approach, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in energy-efficient buildings and techniques. Thanks to this integrated collaborative approach and our various branches, we are very close to our customers, both literally and metaphorically. We make a point of striving for excellence, safety, innovation, and a focus on results within each of our collaborations.

The Democo Group’s values


‘As a multidisciplinary construction partner, the Democo Group combines the expertise of its people, companies and partners to create added value for the commissioning party and construction project.’ We defined the mission for the Democo Group last year.

In order to achieve this mission, each company within the group must be individually strong. It must be competitive and innovative enough to maintain or improve its position in the market.

When we combine our strengths, we create a distinctive capability. This makes us ‘Individual experts with combined strengths’. This is turn translates into added value for our customers. After all, by bringing together the knowledge of the various companies and being creative, we can make the difference in quite a few projects.


The Democo Group aims to create maximum added value for its customers. In other words, we are ‘The Value Builders’. We achieve this by repeatedly confirming our role as the ultimate construction partner by providing maximum added value for people and surroundings and capitalising on this for the benefit of both customer and company.

Fine-tuned values

In connection with our mission and vision, we have further clarified our values with a baseline. This makes it unambiguously clear to every employee and external business partner what these values mean to us.

  • The customer as partner: earning the confidence to construct based on continuous dialogue
  • More than quality: gladly exceeding expectations
  • Connection: achieving results as a single committed team
  • Integrity: we do what we say and act in an honest and sincere manner

The Democo Group in figures

Aantal bedrijven

Number of companies:

Aantal medewerkers

Number of employees:

Geconsolideerde omzet

Consolidated turnover:
280 million euros